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We enjoy experimenting with the latest and greatest design elements and trends while striving for opportunities to push the design envelope. Some might say we are quirky or eccentric, which works for us because we think normal is boring. We embrace what is happening with design now, and support it’s evolution with critical thinking and evaluation of the past. We love the sleek simplicity born out of the “form follows function” credo of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, but unlike pure modernists, we do not view ornamentation as a crime. We see the interior environment as a three dimensional canvas to be enhanced by the innovative use of materials, textures, lighting, colour and graphics. Our aim is to link pop, fringe and high cultures together with interior systems that are accessible, efficient and environmentally preservative.  You can probably see by our work that we are not afraid to do things a little differently than most. Thankfully along with being incredibly creative, we are also practical and adept at making our concepts concrete. Our heads may be full of lofty ideas, but our feet are planted firmly on the ground.


We have a preference for clean lines, well balanced proportions with just enough detail to add interest without adding visual clutter. We are inspired by: the simplicity of Zen + Scandinavian design; the warmth and quirkiness of mid-century modern; the rawness and texture of industrial elements; the clean lines of contemporary minimal architecture.  For our own unique touch, we like to toss in some street-inspired artwork and funky lighting elements, resulting spaces that are interesting enough not to be boring, yet calm enough not to give you a headache. Contemporary graphics and patterns have their place in our projects, but like the pauses between musical notes, these things need room to breathe in order to be appreciated.

It is critical that our residential clients are aligned with our design style, so we won’t be the right designer for you if you are looking for anything traditional, sparkly, country or shabby-chic.

 For our commercial clients we work in somewhat more of a more flexible aesthetic, which is always tied to their brand. 


We prefer that our projects include original art and photography, or limited edition prints that are signed and numbered.  In a world of mass production, we want to help support independent artists around the world, as opposed to big factories where the working conditions are not within our control.


We consider furniture fixture selections from many angles, including cost, durability, comfort, and of course, style.  We encourage our clients to purchase quality items that will last, instead of temporary pieces that will end up in landfill.  Making sure that your unwanted items are put to good use through charities or forwarded to furniture refinishers and up-cyclers is something that we are passionate about.  We also collaborate with and tap into the expertise of local craftsman and artisans at every opportunity. When we do order items from overseas, it is because the durability and style cannot be beat, and the items are manufactured in a way that upholds our socioeconomic and environmental values.


Through excellent space planning and creative problem solving we engineer enjoyable experiences, with the aim of bringing humans into physical harmony with their man-made environments.

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