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Heidi, calling you was the best decision we ever made! The design experience was fun and engaging. You really brought our vision to life and now the restaurant really shines. We are very proud to be able to work in such a beautiful space. On behalf of ourselves, our employees and our customers, thank you Heidi.

Bobby Leung - Owner - Sushi88, Ottawa ON

Commercial Interior Design

We design boutique commercial interiors, meaning commercial spaces less than 5000 sq. ft with high style and high functionality. Our commercial clients are typically entrepreneurs with a proven track record.  We bring to the table wide knowledge of available unique finishing materials on the market, which we assess for durability, clean-ability, availability and cost in addition to style. We have extensive knowledge , of custom millwork design and fabrication, which enables us to craft bespoke cabinetry, furniture and other elements, along with understanding of construction systems and practices which help us integrate our designs ideas with existing architecture and mechanical system.  Furthermore, 10 years of restaurant designing experience has afforded us expansive knowledge in sourcing commercial grade furnishings.

The types of spaces we typically design include:

  • Food Service and Hospitality spaces, including:
    • restaurants, cafes, food kiosks, bakeries
    • night clubs and bars
    • hotels, hostels
  • Natural Wellness and Beauty spaces, including:
    • Spas
    • Hair Salons
    • Tatoo Studios
    • Natural Health Studios
      • Massage
      • Yoga
  • Retail Stores + Kiosks
    • Boutique Retail Locations
      • Gift Shops
      • Clothing Stores
      • Specialty Food Retailers
      • Jewelry Shops
      • and more!
    • Stand alone Kiosks (food-service or retail)

Design is about more than making a space look pleasing – it is about creating enjoyable experiences for all who interact with it.

Testimonial Heidi Helm
Heidi Helm
Founder, Urbanomic Interiors


Design is a process.  There are some steps of the full design + build process that can be offered as “stand alone” services, and others must combined in order to achieve results.  We have outlined our services below and grouped them so that you can see how they fit in to the larger project process.

Space Audit

This service is for those who are already operating out of a commercial space and are looking to make some improvements. We will review your space with you in person to gain insight into your current challenges, and discuss with you what you want to achieve. We will help you pinpoint opportunities for functional improvement, help you understand if your wishlist is aligned with your budget, and advise you on what a healthy timeline for your project looks like.  We will then write up an audit report that includes our suggestions for improvement with order of priority, a preliminary budget and timeline based on our current understanding, so that you can determine the best way to proceed.

RFP Writing

If you are considering obtaining proposals from multiple design firms to design your new commercial facility, the best place to start is by creating an RFP – Request for Proposals.  Having a clearly defined RFP will ensure that each firm is relying on the same information when creating their proposal, and you then feel confident that you are comparing apples to apples. Without an RFP one firm’s understanding of the project scope, the proposed budget, the designers responsibilities, and the level of finish quality and design finesse might be very different from one firm to another, and so the proposals will not necessarily be comparable. We can help you get clear on your needs, expectations and constraints and package this information so that is can be easily shared with numerous design firms. Going through the process of creating an RFP will help you gain insights into what is involved with your project and prevent you from having to try to repeat the same information verbally to each firm you are considering working with.

Feasibility Studies

If you are looking to lease or purchase a commercial space and need help understanding what you should be looking for, whether a particular space will be suitable for your needs, what kind of modifications you would need to do to make a space suitable and approximately how much you would need to budget for the changes, we can help you get figure that out.

“As Built” Drawings

We can measure up your existing space and create a set of scaled “as built” architectural drawings in CAD and PDF that you can share with your design and construction team members as needed to plan your renovation.

If you would like some more detail about our commercial design services, please Contact Us to explore further!

Design Concepts

Our one-of-a-kind design concepts begin with a written concept statement and visual storyboard aimed to illustrate the themes, motifs and aesthetics that we envision for your space.  By using words and images we can figure out early on if we are headed in the right direction with the look and feel of your space.  This will act as a jump off point to discuss our vision for your project and once approved, this information will serve as a guide and inspiration for future design decisions throughout the project.

Space Planning

Whether we are starting with a space that has never been fit-up, or renovating an existing space, we will put our space planning expertise to work to ensure that your space flows logically and efficiently.  We use process engineering techniques to optimize the movement of people and goods through your space, and support such movement with the appropriate placement of equipment, furniture and architectural elements, while ensure that we are adhering to applicable building codes.


Before any designs are on paper, it is challenging to predict what the costs of your project will be, because each situation is so unique.  We begin with a  “order of magnitude” Preliminary Budget based on the square footage we expect to be renovating, and using date from similar recent projects.  This low-fidelity budget can have a variance of +/-30% or more.  With an understanding of what we are aiming for, we can help you make smart design decisions that will help to keep costs aligned with what you are prepared to spend.  Working backwards from the preliminary budget, and pricing the project incrementally as the level of detail increases, allows us us ensure that funds are allocated in ways that will have the biggest impact.   The budget for projects become more accurate as the design details come into clearer focus.

Architectural Finishes + Fixtures

Each material element  that goes into a space needs to be carefully co-ordinated on many levels.  When we are researching items, such as finishes and furniture, that will work for your project we need to consider them from many angles, including size, format, installation methods, compatibility with other materials and systems, colour, finish, safety and durability features and of course, price.  Our commercial design drawing packages typically include specifications and installation details for all construction finishes and fixtures throughout the space.

Lighting Design + Fixture Selection

Modern day lighting design is highly nuanced due to the plethora of options on the market today, in addition to new code requirements concerning energy efficiency.  Considerations to address in lighting design include the function (general ambient, task, feature), placement, and installation methods.  Additionally, each fixture typically needs to be specified in terms of light sources, output, voltage, colour temperature, and finishes for both the shades/lenses and fixture body. We design detailed lighting layouts that add drama to our designs, and supply the required lighting fixtures to ensure order accuracy while minding the budget.

Custom Fabrication

Our collaborative approach, combined with our industrial design knowledge, millwork shop experience enables us to skillfully illustrate schematics for the fabrication of custom elements, including cabinetry, furniture, light fixtures and more.  In most cases we work closely with preferred craftsman to fabricate what we have designed, and in some cases it makes more sense for us to get our hands dirty and create it ourselves.

Signage + Branding

We partner with fabricators and graphic design specialists to develop signage and branding elements that will get noticed.  Branding elements in the past have included custom wallpaper with a company’s logo on it, window decals, exterior signage and more.

Furniture Selections

We procure furniture from trusted suppliers made specifically for commercial use to ensure durability and warranty coverage.  If you are looking to do your own purchasing, we can give you a sense of what will work aesthetically and let you source, price and procure these items on your own, however in such cases we cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise during procurement or use.

Construction + Permit Drawings

Throughout the design process we co-ordinate with the necessary architectural, engineering and specialized professionals to eventually create a comprehensive set of documents and drawings that can be used for estimating, bidding, to apply for building permits and ultimately to build the space.

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Site Visits during Construction

During major renovation work by others, we visit the project site at regular intervals to ensure that the designs are being adhered to, to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of our vision, and to problem solve any issues that arise throughout construction.

Implementation Project Management

In some cases it make sense for us to directly oversee and co-ordinate the required site work for a project, meaning we find the people to do the work and schedule them to do it in an order that makes sense.  We typically do this on projects where the changes are cosmetic in nature and there are no changes to the base building.  Our goal is to manage the timeline so that your business is disrupted as little as possible.

Furniture + Fixtures

We prefer to procure the furniture, fabrics and lighting fixtures for our projects, to ensure order accuracy and to make sure items arrive in a timely manner.

Custom Installations

We love to get our hands dirty and create at least one unique made-by-us element for each of our projects.  We have created custom artwork, fixtures, specialty wall finishes, wallpaper, signage and more.

Artwork, Decor + Finessing

To get the best results, we prefer to supply + install the artwork and decor for our projects, and finesse the space prior to opening.

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I completed 2 design projects with Urbanomic Interiors and I am more than satisfied with the results. Heidi managed to deliver a high quality product within deadlines with a limited budget. Heidi has a very professional approach, listening to client needs, very consciencious and eager to deliver a high quality product that will meet or exceed client satisfaction. I definitively recommend Urbanomic Interiors.

Jean-Marc Perreault - Project Manager PWGSC

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