HOST Milan Part 1 — A feast for the eyes!

HOST Milan Part 1 — A feast for the eyes!

From October 23rd to 27th, we were invited to attend the Host Milano 39th International Hospitality Exhibition in Milan, Italy.  The exhibition focused on products for the professional hospitality industry: furniture, equipment, coffee, and food.  While there was a predominance of Italian exhibitors, which is to be expected given the location, the 2,004 companies came from 47 countries.  There were over 150,000 visitors, 40% of whom were international guests.  It was a truly stunning and diverse exhibition.

For the next few blog posts, we will be focusing on some of of the interesting things we spotted at Host Milano.  There was so much to see that it was hard to narrow it all down to a few favourites!

Part 1 – Stylish Seating for when you are eating!

Alternative Italia Swing Chair 1

Alternative Italia Swing Chair 2

This fantastic chair and table setup is by Alternative Italia; they were created specially for the exhibition.  The black table base and swing supports are bolted directly to the floor to ensure stability; the pale wood table top is stationary at the center; the seats swing freely on thick ropes.  We love how this piece incorporates movement and a playground-like playfulness.  Wouldn’t this kind of seating be fantastic for the type of person who is always moving?

Alternative Italia See-Saw Table 1

Alternative Italia See-Saw Table 2

Continuing the playground theme is Alternative Italia’s table-and-chair setup that is reminiscent of a seesaw (which you might call a teeter-totter, depending on where you’re from).  The table and base are solid, but the seats are attached to one long plank.  We’re not sure if the seesaw part actually moves, since we never got a chance to try it.  Skirt-wearers beware, though, since the middle plank is meant to go between the legs and could lead to some embarrassingly immodest moments!

Alternative Italia Table

Alternative Italia also showed some very interesting tables from their Sigep 2015 and Gurmit Express projects, which can fit together almost like a finger joint in carpentry.

Colico Pedal Stool

Continuing the theme of seating with motion, Colico had their Pedalò stools on display.  These stools feature wide, well-sprung, bike saddles covered in luxurious leather as the seat.  Functional pedals are attached near the base of the stool.  The column is offset not only to maintain the bicycle-like appearance, but also to increase comfort and stability while the pedals are in use.  Additionally, the height of the column appears to be adjustable to accommodate differing heights of patrons and bar tops.  Pedalò stools appear to follow the recent school experiments with under-desk pedals and pedal desks (and look like a much-more-elegant adult-size KC-85 pedal stool by Kidsfit).  Studies and teacher testimonies indicate that using pedal-desks or -chairs enhances learning, allowing people to fidget without creating a distraction, since the pedals are nearly silent.  Perhaps in the future Colico will expand their line to include a similarly-designed office chair that would help increase productivity — or at least counteract some of the negative side-effects caused by sitting in front of a computer all day.

VG Circle Chair

VG brought a great deal of elegance to their exhibit.

Pedrali Nemea Chairs

Pedrali’s Nemea collection, on the other hand, featured clean lines and understated finishes.

Domitalia Chairs

We liked the look of Domitalia‘s upholstered chairs…

Alma Design Chair Display

… and those by Alma Design — as well as their innovative use of vertical space in their booth!

Vondom Booth

Vondom Faz Chair

Vondom was probably our favourite of all the furniture companies that were at Host Milan.  Their aesthetic fits with ours like a hand in a glove.  Above is the black version of their Faz Chair, which is part of their spectacular Faz collection.  The entire collection has the angular, minimalist look of older, low-poly video games.  We only wish that they’d had their Faz Daybed with Parasol at this show so that we could check it out in person.

Stay tuned for our next Host Milano post, which will be about wine and food storage!

Katherine Youngs