HOST Milan Part 2 — Fatboy!

HOST Milan Part 2 — Fatboy!

Fatboy — not the motorcycle or the musician, but the furniture company — had one of the most fun booths that we saw at Host Milano 39th International Hospitality Exhibition.  (You can find our first post about the exhibition here.)  They presented a rainbow of comfortable, practical-yet-funky pieces that we would be more than happy to have at home.  (In fact, some of our staff already have one of their Original chairs.)  Bean bag chairs have been around since 1968, but Jukka Setälä took them to another level in 2000 when he created his signature design.  In 2002, Alex Bergman created a brand around the design, and Fatboy was born.  The company has has expanded to include hammocks, carpets, and lights, but their focus remains the same: lounging in style and comfort.

Here’s what we liked best from their booth:

Fatboy 01

We loved the giant CO9 bunny!  For an idea of scale, when laid out flat this bunny is almost seven feet long.  What kid wouldn’t want to sleep with (or on) something like this?

Fatboy 02

The Headdemock hammock looked extremely comfortable and, due to its sturdy, no-trees-required frame, it could be used indoors in the winter as well as poolside in the summer.

Fatboy 03

It’s possible to purchase Avenue lounge modules in any quantity and arrange them in whatever shape is needed in a space — and to rearrange them depending on the kind of seating arrangements required.
The orange item in the foreground is the Snacklight, and includes the bowls and lamp., which are magnetic and stick to the tray, so they won’t blow away or tip over!  You can even remove the table top from the magnetized base and use it as a tray – put it on your lap or pass it around!  A great way to keep your drinks and snacks safe  for when kids and animals are around (or for people who are fidgety and clumsy, but we don’t know anyone like that… 😉

Fatboy 04

The Hot Dog — an inflatable balloon-animal-style dachshund — was probably the most fun item in the Fatboy booth.  There is also a poodle version called Dolly and an enormous (98″ x 79″!) version called Big Dog.

Fatboy 05

This stack of cushions is the Baboesjka, which comes in an assortment of colours (you can choose the pattern for each cushion in the stack), and can be taken apart to use as a standard cushion or kept together to be used as seating or as a footstool.

Sadly, we haven’t yet had a chance to use Fatboy products in any of our designs!  Most of our recent projects have been for hospitality and food service venues, which have required more traditional, formal seating.  However, the Fatbook section of the Fatboy website had some great examples of their products used in the kind of spaces we’d love to design.  Here their chairs are used in a lovely poolside lounge at La Vida Hotel in Dubai:


(Photo via the Fatboy website.)

And here you can see their products used in a comfortable “café” in Frankfurt (it’s actually their booth at the Ambiente 2015 trade fair):


(Photo via the Fatboy website.)

Is anyone looking to design a casual-yet-trendy restaurant or lounge in the Ottawa area?  We’d love to help!

Katherine Youngs

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