HOST Milan Part 3 — Enlightening lighting and accessories!

HOST Milan Part 3 — Enlightening lighting and accessories!

There were a tonne of amazing lighting and accessories on display at the Host Milano 39th International Hospitality Exhibition.  Here are a few that brightened our experience!..

Colico Burlesque Lights 01

Colico Burlesque Lights 02

The suspension lamps hanging in the Colico booth were captivating.  While Colico is returning to their classic furniture roots (the company is celebrating its 95th year in business this year), their their Burlesque line of lights is more modern in both shape, materials and fabrication.  While these lamps may look like painted or stained wood from a distance, they are actually all constructed primarily of powder-coated sheet steel.  The fixtures are available in four colours: white, anthracite, corten, or copper; special orders can be placed for bronze or bark finishes.  The lights are characterized by a very open design, and since they can use up to a 100W bulb, they can cast a lot of light.  If you’re looking for a lower light level or a more attractive-looking bulb (since the bulb is exposed), these lights would be fantastic with an Edison bulb, and of course, dimmers always help you create the mood you want, no matter how strong the bulb.

Slide Design 01

Slide Design 02

It was the sheer size of Slide Design‘s lights that originally caught our eye, although we found the baroque-inspired design makes a statement.  The above photos are not an optical illusion created by forced perspective, i.e. putting the lights closer to the camera than the people.  No, they are actually that big!  The King of Love floor lamp measures 235cm high X 195cm wide X 90cm deep (that’s 92.5″ X 76.8″ X 35.4″ for our American friends).  Since it is made of polyethylene, it only weighs 48kg (105.8lbs) despite its size.  It is in itself a good warning about checking measurements when you buy online — against a blank background, with no reference points for scale, it looks like it could easily be a table lamp, doesn’t it?

VG Lights 01

VG‘s pendant lamps were elegant and refined.  The combination of metalwork and crystal in the Arabesque Big Sensation also cast magnificently complex shadows (which, as we’ve already established, we find very appealing).   The design of these lights is a departure from what we would consider to be “Urbanomic”, but we can appreciate beauty when we see it, even if it is not exactly our style.

VG Table

We loved the contract of the sleek, minimal Jackson Candle Holders and brushed steel platters with the natural complexity of the stripped branches.  The branches weren’t originally part of the setup, but a designer setting up the VG booth decided to add them in at the show to add some interest.

Plust Halful Planter

We fell in love with the Plust Halful planters by Joe Velluto Studio.  The Halful collection is a fairly recent design; was originally revealed back in March at the Milan Furniture Fair.  The metal base uses a minimal amount of material to create the structure; it is reminiscent of wire-frame models used in 3D computer graphics.  The plastic for the vases is recycled from internal production scraps.  Honestly, what’s not to love?