HOST Milan Part 5 — Food & Wine Display

HOST Milan Part 5 — Food & Wine Display

Our design specialization at Urbanomic Interiors is for the foodservice and hospitality sectors, so we constantly need to combine functionality and practically with visually interesting ways to display times such as wine and food.  This was at the forefront of our minds while we roamed the halls of the Host Milano 39th International Hospitality Exhibition.  We came back with a  host of new ideas and unique products that will play a role in future projects!  Here are our greatest inspirations:

Mono Food Storage

This refrigerated display case made us swoon!  And not only because of all the goodies on display, but the case itself was so beautifully designed and crafted.  From this angle, it appears as though the seamless solid-surface slab is somehow defying gravity, hovering in place a number of inches above the ground.

Mono Food Storage 2

A different angle reveals that the monolithic top is actually cantilevered from a comparatively small central base, which encloses the refrigeration inside a sheet of mirror-like stainless steel, in turn reflecting the floor and other surroundings and perpetuating the illusion that the top is suspended in mid-air.  The nearly seamless (and therefore invisible) sneeze guard is cleverly crafted without wood or metal supports, allowing the food in this incredibly elegant display case to remain at centre stage, where it belongs.


Alternative Food Storage 1

Alternative Food Storage 2

More design loved for the Alternative Italia stand (honestly, we loved just about everything of theirs).  Here, the shelf supports are made of rebar, while the shelves are thick, rough, unfinished wood.  A simple concept created with inexpensive materials, which resonates with the home-style canned and preserved goods in their simple-yet-stylish packaging that are offered for sale.


Emme 2 Design 01

Emme2 Design had some interesting wine bottle display options, focusing mainly on their clear acrylic pieces that are available with or without integrated LED lighting.

Emme 2 Design 02

These freestanding and wall-mounted acrylic display racks looked lovely as a pair in the kiosk, but they really shine in quantity that there just wasn’t room for there.  I would highly recommend checking out their 2014 catalog (PDF)

Emme 2 Design 03

 They also sell wine shop fittings in a more rustic style,  with shelving based on tradition wine crate forms.  The warmth and roughness of the wood creates an unpretentious display.

Emme 2 Design 04

We are personally not very fond of the stylized acrylic lady on the left of this image, but the clear acrylic and steel stemware case would be a great accent at a classy bar, keeping the dust-free  and at the right temperature.


We were particularly impressed with the modular wine organization and storage systems by Esigo (whose sideline is “designed for your wine”) and we look forward to integrating their products in a future project.

Wine 12

These circular wine racks look like bent wood but they are actually made out of cardboard with a veneer finish.  It’s modular, so it can be expanded as much as needs be in countless configuration.  We appreciate the simplicity of this system, as just a few screws are needed to hold the pieces together.

Wine 06

Wine 07

Here they have emulated was a walk-in unit that doubles as a display case, by combining 2 of their modular concepts – the Esigo 2 and the Esigo 5, particularly.  A combination of storage and display modules advertise the available wines while ensuring that the supply doesn’t run out.

Wine 08

Wine 09

Further information on this Esigo 5 system with their shadow-box simplicity can be found here.  There are clever pegs installed inside some of the frames so that the bottles can be mounted sideways.  Combining the modules in different orientations creates a display with a nice rhythm to it.

Wine 11

Our favourite part of this modular system are the cubbies at the bottom left with asymmetrical dividers.  (We just completed a bar in Ottawa and wish we had known about these sooner!)

Wine 10

More modular display, this time in a very linear cubic layout.  Check out the Esigo website for tonnes more great products!

Wine 02

When flipping through one of the many catalogs available at Host, we came across this fabulous bar back at Sloan Square, which is a British-style pub in Milan.  We never made it there to sample one of their numerous beers, but we will just have to put that on our MUST DO list when we return! (And return we must!)

Wine 13

Wine 14

These freestanding A-Frame wine racks were in the TECNOARREDAMENTI S.R.L. stand.

Wine 01

And in the BESTCOLD stand, we appreciated the simplicity and contrast of this light wood (pine, perhaps? ) which displayed both coffee and liquor products.

Stay tuned for the last part in this series: Part 6!

Katherine Youngs

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