Classic White Basement Renovation (Ottawa ON)

This classic white basement renovation is chalk-full of custom cabinetry and woodwork details, including a gorgeous entertainment unit, 2 secret doors (one appearing as a bookcase!), clever under-stair storage and wall panelling.

Design Challenges:

The design of custom entertainment unit needed to take into account the fact that the ceiling beam was not perfectly centered in the room, so we opted to design the wall unit so that it was slightly asymmetrical forcing the TV to be centered on the beam.  Otherwise the entire room would have appeared to be lopsided!

One of trickiest parts of this basement was designing the pattern for the wall molding installation. Designing a pattern with rhythm, scale and overall balance in the entire room involved a lot of mathematics and design sense due to the odd shape of the room and all of the elements that needed to be accounted for, including windows, doors and columns.

The bookshelf at the bottom of the stairs doubles as a secret passageway leading to the furnace room!  Beside the furnace room are double doors that hide the laundry machines, and the left of that is the door to the guest bathroom.

Custom Millwork by Tobias Rhiele and his excellent team at Against The Grain Woodworking

Photo Credit: Melanie Rebane Photography