Nearing Completion: Atelier Restaurant Expansion

Nearing Completion: Atelier Restaurant Expansion

The completion of the Atelier restaurant is so close that we can taste it!  We are torn between saving everything for the big reveal and showing all the steps of a work in progress.  We decided to remain somewhere in between, with a few teaser pictures.  We’ll start with the all-new upstairs expansion, which is not quite finished.  There are boxes filling all of the floor space that is currently not being used for construction (all that new furniture has to be stored somewhere).  But you can really start to get a feel for the space, much more so than when it was just drywall and studs like in our last post on the subject.

Atelier 2-1 - Upstairs Balcony

There is now a small balcony on the west side of the second story — very small indeed, since this is as far away as we could get from the door without falling over the edge!  The lighter grey on the right is the original building; the darker grey siding covers the outside of the addition.  The addition is two storeys high, with it being taken up primarily by an expanded kitchen on the main level, and an additional small private dining room on the second storey.  The building is now slightly L-shaped, creating the perfect spot for a small outdoor area sheltered by a balcony.

Atelier 2-2 - Upstairs Prep Area

On the opposite side of the patio wall is a small upstairs serving/prep area.  This is located conveniently near the top of the stairs where the serving staff will have to bring the dishes up from the main floor kitchen, but means that servers don’t have to run downstairs for every glass of water or napkin requested by a patron.

Atelier 2-3 - Upstairs Prep Area

Beside the balcony door is the entrance to the private dining room, which is starting to show a bit of the final look with the new flooring already installed.

THRU Floor

The opposite view of the prep area reveals some of the dark new flooring and paint.

Atelier 2-4 - Upstairs Hall

Turning left, you can see the stairs leading to the upper level (through the doorway on the left), with the new flooring laid into the upstairs dining room.  On the right with the dark floor is the bar, while on the left is the white dining room.

Atelier 2-4 - Upstairs Dining Room

The white dining room will have one decorative textured wall.  Above you can see the progress on this interesting feature.

Stairs Before-After

And the new stairs are almost complete!  The treads, risers, and accent lights have been installed; all that’s left is the railing.

Further photos will have to wait the final completion of the space!  We are so excited to see it all put together.

Katherine Youngs

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