To create lively environments, our preference is mix up modern, minimal, contemporary styles with raw industrial textures and street-art inspired art  We love bright colours balanced with subtler tones, bold contrasts and funky patterns.  In such cases when the project calls for a calmer, restorative atmosphere, we switch out bold for organic, zen tranquility.  In either case, we think that a good designer can remain somewhat flexible without giving up creative control over the project, so it is important for us to work with clients who trust in our design sense and expertise and are prepared to let us take the reigns.

Residential Design + Styling Services

We work with homeowners who are looking to make changes, both small and large, to their homes, through a fun an engaging client experience.  We offer short-term consultation packages for those who just need a little professional input, all the way up to a full-service experience for those who want us to take care of all the detailed planning and make it all happen. We are masters at maximizing space, organization + styling in a clean aesthetic using a mix of contemporary styles. 

We can help you plan in-depth home renovations, including kitchens, bathrooms and basements,  assist with smaller improvements like  adding built-in storage & display systems, and style your space with updated finishes, furniture and decor, with or without major renovation work.

Commercial Design Services

We specialize in interior design + branding for boutique establishments in food-service + hospitality (restaurant design, bar design, cafe design, bakery design) as well as wellness and retail spaces.  We focus on design thinking, which helps us create unique brand-aligned environments for our projects. Overall we lean towards a clean uncluttered look, while implementing a unique theme that holds up the brand of the establishment.  Our aim is to create spaces that are fresh and inviting, and make people feel fantastic.