What’s YOUR Design Style?  Top 10 Online Quizzes.

What’s YOUR Design Style? Top 10 Online Quizzes.

When I meet with residential clients they often have a difficult time explaining to me what their own personal “design style” is.  My role as a designer includes a considerable amount of prying and extracting thoughts and ideas from people’s minds – things they are not always able to articulate.  Another obstacle that I have to overcome when communicating with clients and trying to understand what they are looking for, is the fact that we all attach different meanings, symbols and images to the words that we use to describe things.   So, when my client says “I like a more traditional look.”  I can not always be sure exactly which images pop into their heads when they say the word “traditional” so I might miss the mark if I only go with what they have told me.

As I said, it is always tricky to try to describe thoughts and visions with words.  The best way that we, as humans, can really convey ideas and understand them is through pictures.  So, in order for me to really understand what design style my clients prefer, I  get them to look at images and tell me what things about the images they do or do not like.

That is why for this blog post, I decided to scour the internet for some online quizzes and exercises are helpful to those who are trying to figure out what their own design style is, or what types of design appeal to them most.  If you are planning on working with a designer, I would advise saving the links and results into an email and sending them along to your designer so that they can better understand what you like!

Urbanomic Interiors Top 10 Design Style Quizzes

Keep in mind, when answering these quizzes – not to over think them!  Go with your fist gut reaction when making selection.  Be true to your own style!

1. Stylescope

2.  Style Engine on Sproost.com

3. The Home Stylist Quiz

4. Design Style Quiz by Chambers Design Company

5. Glo Quiz – What’s your design style?

6. Stylish Home Style Quiz

7. Better Homes & Gardens Design Style Quiz

8.  Haverty’s Design Style Quiz

9. HGTV’s Style Finder

10. What’s My Design Style?  At quibblo.com

I hope this is helpful for any of you who are having a hard time communicating or discovering your design style.  I also want to mention, that if you share a house with your spouse or a significant other, it is important for you to take the quiz separately and compare answers.  Your designer will have a fun challenge finding a way to bring your two styles together if they are very different – but I promise that it can be done!!

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