One of the hands-on items created by Urbanomic Interiors for this project was this custom stencil.  We enlarged a portion of the client's logo and had the stencil created out of vinyl.  We then applied black + brown paint to create a "charred wood" effect on the wall.

Hooch Bourbon House

In June 2013, Hooch Bourbon House opened where Levante had once stood.  It was our design that transformed the look of this once dim and unappealing venue, where the previous restaurant had lasted less than a year.  We updated it with industrial chic and a hint of graphic novel inspiration for contrast.

Most reviews focus on Hooch’s food and beverages, which are fabulous, to say the least — Ottawa Magazine rated them one of the best new restaurants of 2013.  However, a few reviews step outside of strict gastronomic parameters and have great things to say about our design.

In her sneak peek of Hooch written just before it opened, Paula Roy of Constantly Cooking wrote that:

While it was the menu that really grabbed my attention, the décor shines as well. It’s composed of trendy industrial chic paired with lots of rough wood. Hand painted artwork by local muralist Sarah Doll adds visual interest to the muted space which is anchored by a brick wall which was an unexpected but welcome discovery during renovations.

Check out Hooch Bourbon House for yourself at 180 Rideau St., Ottawa, or on their website at

A comprehensive critique by Peter Hum of the Ottawa Citizen wrote that:

The restaurant of 40-odd seats is still dark, but it has more character, and even an engaging, woodsy, well-designed scruffiness. Collected curios, exposed light bulbs hanging from skids and baskets and the raw sound of vintage blues evoke a Prohibition-era speakeasy.


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