Our Company & Team

Urbanomic Interiors was founded in 2004 by Heidi Helm after graduating from the Advanced Interior Design program at Algonquin college.  Instead of waiting for the right position to open up for her, she took matters into her own hands and created the job she wanted, which was to design boutique commercial spaces and urban homes.  Now we spend our days playing “work” with our fellow design lovers and construction professionals.  We strive to create a working atmosphere that is energetic, dynamic & nurturing. We aim for a collaborative approach where everyone on the team feels valued, from the delivery people to the cleaners.  In the office, when the 3pm “crash” comes along, instead of reaching for another cuppa joe, we get up out of our chairs, crank up a tune dance off the lethargy!  We try not to take things too seriously around here, unless, of course, that thing is design… because designing is seriously what we were born to do!


Heidi Helm

Heidi Helm is the company’s founder and lead designer and has been designer as long as she can remember.  When she was very young she would rearrange her bedroom furniture just for fun.  From there she began painting murals and working with a decorator in her early 20’s, eventually landing in Ottawa to earn her diploma in Advanced Interior Design from Algonquin College.  She made a bold move and started Urbanomic Interiors fresh out of college back in 2004.  Since then Heidi has completed projects as far away as Dallas Texas with budgets as big as 3.5 million dollars but is plenty happy designing closer to home, at least for now!  Heidi loves secondary colours, street-art, dancing to the wee hours. and a good cup of coffee with maple syrup in it.  She is also very passionate about helping her clients get excellent value for their design dollars!


We adopted Kahluah as a puppy via the Weimaraner Rescue Association of Canada, after the tragic loss of our last pup Kokomo. We couldn’t be happier that she is part of the Urbanomic family! She is 1/2 Weimaraner, 1/4 border collie, 1/8 Vizsla and the rest is a mystery… but we know that she is definitely 100% stunning and sweet. Her duties include enthusiastically greeting guests at the door, reminding everyone to make time for play , keeping everyone on schedule for lunch (FOOD!) and letting us know when it’s time for her afternoon walk, which also happens to be quittin’ time.