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Bathrooms are rooms of ritual and relaxation. It’s where we prepare ourselves to face the day, and where we come to unwind when it’s all over.

We tend to take modern luxuries like a working bathroom for granted, to the point where the magic that happens in a bathroom is barely noticeable any more; water flows our from pipes hidden inside walls with the push of a lever, the temperature easily being adjusted to our preference, and then drains away with even less effort.  The fact that we barely notice how incredible this all is, is a testament to the power of design engineering, which aims to continuously reduce the effort needed for day to day living so that we can focus our minds on higher level thinking.



A beautifully designed bathroom can contribute to more enjoyable mornings and more relaxing evenings.  Smart space planning can make your routines faster and contribute to a sense of peace, by discreetly and conveniently accommodating your tools and supplies so the room remains uncluttered and serene. Surfaces technologies are continuously being developed to have anti-microbial and anti-spotting coatings making cleaning a breeze. It’s possible to floors that heat up at a scheduled time, hot water on demand, preset shower temperatures, heated towels, mirrors that defog, and voice activated speakers to listen to your favourite music or podcasts. You can even pamper yourself and the environment by installing a bidet or bidet seat that gently washes and dries you, nearly eliminating the need for toilet paper. Evidently a high-end bathroom can easily become one of the most complicated rooms in the house to design and build because there are so many individual elements that need to fit together seamlessly.  This is where professional bathroom design comes in – we plan and record every detail prior to construction, so that the build process flows quickly and smoothly.

As Interior Design professionals, we are trained to think very deeply about how a space is used, finished and how it all goes together.  We are continuously learning about the wide array of products, materials and systems available on the market as part of our ongoing professional development, which enables us to meet design challenges in creative ways.  If you are looking to take advantage of advanced spatial planning skills, product knowledge and trends, then working with an independent design professional will help ensure that your luxury bathroom renovation is an investment that makes your feel pampered for many years to come.


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