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Urban Contemporary Interiors for your home.

We work with homeowners who are looking to make changes, both small and large, to their homes, through a fun an engaging client experience.  We offer short-term consultation packages for those who just need a little professional input, all the way up to a full-service experience for those who want us to take care of all the detailed planning and make it all happen. We are masters at space planning, organization and interior styling in contemporary urban aesthetic where we generally begin with a minimal aesthetic as a base, adding in geometric patterns, industrial textures, sculptural lighting and bold artwork, customized with touches that speak to each of our clients unique needs and personalities. We plan interior renovations and/or style spaces with furniture and decor for our clients, who typically live in industrial lofts, trendy condos, urban infills, or mid-century homes.

Kitchen Renovation Design
bathroom design
Bathroom Renovation Design
Basement Renovation Design
Custom Cabinetry + Trim
Art Hanging
Art + Decor Installation
  • Before meeting Heidi, I’d had consultations with other designers trying to figure out how to improve my space. They gave me ideas but I got overwhelmed with the logistics and the choices within 2 mins of them leaving. Heidi explained the process clearly, provided me with enough options that I could make clear choices and she dealt with all the logistics. She made the process easy for me. She listened to my likes and dislikes and came up with the best design for me. Years later I’m still thrilled with the results. Best of all, I didn’t get overwhelmed once. I will surely go to her again when I’m ready for my next home improvement project.

    Sophie Lemay
    Home Owner, Ottawa
  • The perfect blend of experience, knowledge, patience and playful curiosity. Our first floor reno would not have been possible without Urbanomic Interiors. A toast to Heidi; our design co-conspirator.

    Michel Henry
    Home Owner, Ottawa
  • I’ve worked with Heidi on numerous projects. She is inventive, creative and works diligently to serve her clients needs. She is also experienced and wise enough to know when to involve others in order to ensure the project progresses in a timely, cost-effective manner.
    Just as importantly, she is an intelligent, fun person that is engaging to work with!

    Renzo Cecchetto
    Architectural Technologist, Ottawa

Our Project Process

1. Introduction

To begin, please make an appointment to speak with us through our calendar at the bottom of this page so that we can get acquainted.

2. Preliminary Consultation

Here we will tease out more of your specific project goals and requirements, and then come to meet you in person at the project site.  For projects of smaller scope we can get right to work on solving some of your design challenges.  For extensive renovation projects we will use the information gathered during this consultation to prepare a comprehensive design project proposal.

3. Design + Presentation Phase

With our working agreement in place, we prepare a design presentation to share our ideas.  We will begin with a design concept which we will share with you to make sure we are on the right track, and then we will continue to develop the details incrementally with your input. For renovation projects this phase can take a number of weeks or months.  For furniture + decor projects we aim to complete the presentation within 15 business days.

4. Final Documentation

Once we have finessed all of the details we will ensure the information is accurately documented and easy to comprehend.

5. Implementation

This is where all of the orders are placed, items are received & inspected, the project site is prepared and put together.

6. Reveal Celebration

Our full-service clients will enjoy a few nights away while we finesse the final project details on site.  Upon your return we will reveal your space and celebrate!

7. Project Close Out

At the end of each project we have a close out meeting to review the project process and designs to celebrate what worked well, and to understand where we can make improvements.  Our client feedback is invaluable when it comes to advancing our level of service, which is what we continuously strive for.


Our Urbanomic Style

We are inspired by a minimalist approach with some added texture, pattern and organic warmth.  We appreciate the organix simplicity of Zen and Scandinavian design; the soft and sometimes quirky shapes found in Mid-century Modern, which we elevate with graphic patterns, distressed industrial textures, sculptural lighting elements and beautiful works of contemporary art.  Our aim is to design spaces that are interesting enough not to be boring, yet calm enough not to give you a headache. Contemporary graphics and patterns have their place in our projects, but like the pauses between musical notes, these things need room to breathe in order to be appreciated.

zen 2
Zen 04

We are inspired by the warmth and simplicity of Zen and Scandinavian design…


…the soft and quirky shapes found in Mid-century Modern…

bathroom design
hex bathroom tile
geometric tile

…geometric patterns and shapes to add visual interest and energy…


…sculptural and architectural lighting to add refined drama…

grunge 01

…industrial textures and materials for added warmth and interest…

sheperd mural

…and finally some contemporary or street-art inspired artwork.


Ready to dig in further?

Please book a time for us to talk through my calendar below!