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Modern. Minimal. Contemporary. Industrial.

These are some of the words that we would use to describe our preferred style(s) of home decor.  We generally begin with a streamlined minimal or modern aesthetic as a base, adding in geometric patterns, industrial textures, sculptural lighting, graphic artwork, and other touches that speak to each of our clients’ unique needs and personalities.


At Urbanomic Interiors have a preference for clean lines, well balanced proportions with just enough detail to add interest without adding visual clutter. 

We are inspired by the warmth and simplicity of Zen and Scandinavian design; the soft and simple shapes found in Mid-century Modern, which we like to combine with graphic patterns, distressed textures and. For our own unique touch, we like to toss in some street-inspired artwork and sculptural yet minimal lighting elements, resulting spaces that are interesting enough not to be boring, yet calm enough not to give you a headache.  Texture, patterns and colour have their place in our projects, but like the pauses between musical notes, we believe they are best given room to breathe in order to be appreciated.  We are masters at space planning, organization and interior styling, and our goal is to take care of all of the behind the scenes headaches and present you with a gorgeous room that is ready to enjoy.

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Zen 04

We are inspired by the warmth and simplicity found in Zen and other minimal styles….

bathroom design
hex bathroom tile
geometric tile

…geometric elements to add visual interest and energy…


…sculptural and architectural lighting to add refined drama…


…graphic artwork and small amounts of distressed textures for added interest.

Idea Book

Urbanomic Style Bedrooms

See some of our curated bedroom ideas.

Room Decor Packages

With our Complete Room Design Presentation packages, we prepare, price and present complete room design packages that account for all of the goods, services, labour and materials required to provide end to end service. If you are looking to take care of the procurement and project implementation management yourself, then you are welcome to shop the designs at your convenience once we have presented the information.  For those clients who prefer the convenience of leaving the entire project in the hands of a team of professionals so that they can focus on their own areas of expertise and interests, we will be thrilled to make it all happen.

Discovery Consultation

The first step in our styling and decor process is an initial consultation for up to 90 minutes where we will discuss:

  • Your design challenges.
  • Your wish list.
  • Your design ideas + style.
  • Your timeline.
  • A Rough Order of Magnitude Budget based (accuracy is +/-50%).
  • The best next steps for your project.

If you are working on a DIY project and simply need our input from time to time, you can schedule one of these consultations any time you need input.

FEE $347 + HST

Complete Room Presentation

We will prepare a comprehensive design presentation for one room that includes:

  • Site measure
  • Preliminary Budget
  • Furniture Layout drawings
  • Room Finishes (floors, walls, ceiling, trim, doors)
  • Loose furniture selections with finishes
  • Light fixture selections (using existing fixed locations)
  • Window coverings
  • Textiles
  • Artwork + decor
  • One (1) built-in feature from Features List
  • Two (2) review meetings
  • One (1) round of revisions
  • Trade Day
  • Comprehensive Pricing Proposal


Feature List + Add-Ons

One of these features is included with each Complete Room Presentation, and others can be purchased as add-ons:

  • Fireplace surround (one sided)
  • Custom molding install pattern on one surface plane
  • Built-in storage or custom cabinetry (up to 6 lin. ft. included in Room Style + Decor Presentation Package)
  • Bulkhead, cove or other ceiling feature
  • New lighting / electrical layout
  • New selections for baseboards, casings, room doors


Ligne Roset Ruche Chair 2
Glitch Pot FobeStudio_20200507084127_286_720x
Unison Spindle Oak Bed

Before meeting Heidi, I’d had consultations with other designers trying to figure out how to improve my space. They gave me ideas but I got overwhelmed with the logistics and the choices within 2 mins of them leaving. Heidi explained the process clearly, provided me with enough options that I could make clear choices and she dealt with all the logistics. She made the process easy for me. She listened to my likes and dislikes and came up with the best design for me. Years later I’m still thrilled with the results. Best of all, I didn’t get overwhelmed once. I will surely go to her again when I’m ready for my next home improvement project.

Testimonial Sophie Lemay
Sophie Lemay
Transitional Living Room


1.0 Discovery

We work to develop an understanding of your project goals and needs, your style preferences, budget and more. The information is used to help us understand if we are the right designer for your project, and if so, what next steps should be taken.

2. Design Planning

We start with a concept board to get the discussion going and tease out some of your preferences.  Then the designs are developed through 1-2 more cycles of inquiry, ideation + decision making, with the details of the project coming into clearer and clearer focus with each cycle.  The ultimate results are production of a design package that accounts for the furniture, fixtures and finishes, and a budget estimate for the work that needs to be done to put the room together as planned which we will review with you for your approval.

For most rooms we are able to complete the designs within 10 business days.

3.0 Procurement

The procurement phase is where the goods and services needed to complete the project are ordered, received and verified. Our goal is to receive the goods at our warehouse, and then deliver them to your home and a whole package at the beginning of set up.

Procurement hinges on the lead time of the products to be ordered, and typically ranges from 4-12 weeks but can be longer on custom items, or items are coming from overseas.

4.0 Construction

This is where we have our trusted trades complete any minor renovation work that are part of our design plans, and update the room finishes. This is also typically the step where built-in cabinets and storage are installed.

The time frame for this step is dependent on the scope of work and normally lasts between 1-2 weeks.

5.0 Furnish + Finesse

Our team comes in to set up the finishing touches like loose furniture, window coverings and more, and our photographer will capture the completed space.

This is normally completed within 3 days after the construction team has wrapped up and removed their tools.

7.0 Reveal + Celebrate

We will welcome you home, walk you through your newly transformed space and celebrate!

7.0 Deficiencies

Here we work to address any outstanding deficiencies in a timely manner.

8.0 Project Review + Close Out

Here we gather feedback from our clients and our team so that we can improve our processes and procedures.  We aim to complete the close out within 2 weeks of the project being completed and all deficiencies addressed.

We also provide clients with a digital project binder which has a record of all project related information including, specifications, warranties and maintenance instructions.

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