Kitchen Design + Renovation


The kitchen is the hub and the heart of the home, where families come together daily, and where entertaining inevitably takes place. It’s no wonder that kitchen remodels are one of the the most sought after home improvements by today’s homeowners. A well planned kitchen can make meals and clean up easier, keep accidents at bay, and make entertaining a joyous experience. We can help you plan a kitchen renovation that you and your family will love to live in for years to come.


There are a number of businesses types that will offer to help you with your kitchen design, such as cabinetry manufacturers and contractors.  So why work with us?

First, there is no such thing as “free design” and any company that offers this is wrapping the cost of the design into the goods and services that they are already selling you.  In such cases the design is secondary to their main business, and so the design aspect of the project tends to be limited.

Cabinet manufacturers offer design services that typically only cover the design of the cabinetry and not the other aspects of a space.  They typically only work inside existing kitchen walls, and do not do not address flow between different spaces within the home. Furthermore, they don’t normally help to co-ordinate the room finishes as a whole, or changes to ceiling lighting. Therefore, if you plan to extend or reconfigure the area in and around your kitchen, working with an independent design professional will take a more holistic approach to your project.

Trusting the design of your kitchen to a contractor is risky, because although some contractors have an eye for design, it is not their area of expertise.  A contractor requires plans to construct a building, so why should it be any different for a complicated interior renovation such as a kitchen? While we value the input of contractors and tradespeople, and believe they have much to contribute to the overall success of a renovation project, we believe that it is better to leave the detailed design planning to a design professional who has specialized training and flair for their craft.

Interiors designers are trained to think very deeply about how a space is used.  Continuously learning about the wide array of building and finishing materials available on the market is part of a designers ongoing professional development, which enables them to come up with creative ways to achieve a specific look in a way that is considerate of a project budget and timeline. So, if you are looking for a professional who can address the design of your space a whole, who is ahead of trends, can think outside of the box and help you explore different design options, then working with an independent design professional will help ensure that your kitchen renovation is an investment that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Keep reading to find out more about our kitchen design process and service packages!

McCallum Drive Transitional Kitchen Renovation 15
McCallum Drive Transitional Kitchen Renovation 19
McCallum Drive Transitional Kitchen Renovation 09

Heidi helped transform our 16 year old builders’ kitchen into a space that we want to spend all our time in. She is creative, resourceful, and flexible, but what sets her apart is her attention to detail. She works tirelessly to get the little things right – something that brings her projects to the next level. We are very happy with our result and have enjoyed many celebrations in our new space, including a 50th birthday party where most of our 40 guests ended up – you guessed it – in the kitchen!

Testimonial Connie Copeland | Orleans, ON
Connie Copeland | Orleans, ON
Transitional 'Moonstone' Kitchen
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1.0 Discovery

We work to develop an understanding of your project goals and needs, your style preferences, budget and more. The information is used to help us understand if we are the right designer for your project, and if so, what next steps should be taken.

2. Design Planning

The designs are developed through several cycles of inquiry, ideation + decision making, with the details of the project coming into clearer and clearer focus with each cycle.  The ultimate results are production of a comprehensive design package that illustrates how the space is to be built, the materials to be used, and a budget estimate.

The design planning phase takes between 4-8 weeks.

3.0 Procurement

The procurement phase is where the goods and services needed to complete the project are produced and obtained, and often overlaps the construction phase.  In a kitchen renovation, the cabinetry typically the longest to procure, and the start of the construction phase usually hinges on when the cabinets are expected to be ready.

Procurement can take 8-12 weeks or more.

4.0 Construction

During the construction phase your space is transformed through the demolition, construction, installation and finishing as per the designer’s instructions.

Construction normally lasts 8-12 weeks, depending on the extent of work to be done and lead times on project goods and materials.

5.0 Furnish + Finesse

Our team comes in to set up the finishing touches like loose furniture, window coverings and more, and our photographer will capture the completed space.

This is normally completed within 2-3 days after the construction team has wrapped up and removed their tools.

6.0 Reveal + Celebrate

We will welcome you home, walk you through your newly transformed space and celebrate!

7.0 Deficiencies

We will address any outstanding deficiencies in a timely manner, if necessary.

8.0 Project Review + Close Out

Here we gather feedback from our clients and our team so that we can improve our processes and procedures.

We also provide clients with a digital project binder which has a record of all project related information including, specifications, warranties and maintenance instructions.

Courtice Ave - White + Walnut Modern Kitchen Design - Urbanomic Interiors 19
Courtice Ave - White + Walnut Modern Kitchen Design - Urbanomic Interiors 18
Courtice Ave - White + Walnut Modern Kitchen Design - Urbanomic Interiors 17

It’s not easy working with couples. Perhaps even more so when that couple has been married for 25 years and each has definitive tastes and aesthetic likes and dislikes. And wouldn’t you know it, those likes and dislikes are not always perfectly aligned. Heidi (Urbanomic Interiors) was the perfect choice for the redesign of our first floor; skilled designer, accomplice, teacher, mediator and task master all rolled into one. We are looking forward to working again with Heidi when we redesign the second floor.

Testimonial Elise R. + Michel H. | Ottawa, ON
Elise R. + Michel H. | Ottawa, ON
Mid-Century Inspired Kitchen
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We have attempted to package our design services so they are easy to understand and purchase. We love to provide a complete design-build service, however, we realize that not everyone needs that from us, so we have broken down the design phase into packages which can be purchased sequentially for a complete kitchen design, or you can engage us for any of the design steps individually after the initial consultation. If you are looking to take care of the procurement and project management yourself, then these packages together can help you get the design information down on paper for easier decision making, pricing and ordering. Once the major aspects of the design are complete, if you decide you would like us to take care of making it all happen for you, then we will happily bring our trusted trades and vendors on board to help us prepare a detailed Pricing Proposal to complete the project, for an additional fee.

Step 1 – Introductory Consultation

Whether you plan to take care of some leg work yourself, or you want to hand over the entire project to us, the first step in our kitchen renovation design process is an initial consultation for up to 90 minutes where we will discuss:

  • Your design challenges.
  • Your wish list.
  • Layout ideas.
  • Your design style + ideas.
  • Your timeline.
  • Who is going to do the work.
  • Your Rough Order of Magnitude Budget (accuracy is +/-50%).
  • The best next steps for your particular situation.

If you plan to handle the bulk of the design, pricing and procurement work yourself, and simply need our input from time to time, you can schedule one of these consultations any time you need input.



FEE -$347 + HST

Step 2 – Kitchen Layout Package

This package will allow us to explore the possibilities for your kitchen layout.  We will start with some sketches to illustrate our ideas, eventually turning them into a set of scaled design drawings based on your input.
Kitchen Layout Package to include:

  • Further assessment of your needs and preferences.
  • Site measure up.
  • As-Built Drawings.
  • One set of preliminary design sketches or plans (up to 2 layout options).
  • 2D Plans showing
    • wall locations
    • new cabinetry layouts,
    • plumbing locations
    • appliance locations
    • lighting locations
    • power outlet locations
    • demolition (to be reviewed by engineer)
  • basic 3D Model to illustrate flow of space and vertical cabinet dimensions
  • 2 design review meetings + 2 rounds of design revisions.
  • Preliminary Estimate spreadsheet illustrating costs of  at least 3 levels of quality/finesse to direct decisions (accuracy is -15% to +50%).
  • Review of final information.


Step 3 – Kitchen Details Package

Working with a previously completed Kitchen Layout design, we can create a Kitchen Details package to include:

  • Further assessment of your needs and preferences
  • 2 rounds of review and revisions
  • Detailed Cabinetry + Counter Designs outlining:
    • cabinet dimensions.
    • materials.
    • door style + finishes.
    • hardware specifications + install locations.
    • in-cabinet lighting.
    • counter top design drawings + material specifications.
  • Room Design Details including:
    • room dimensions
    • cabinetry layout
    • appliance locations
    • Plumbing Locations + fixtures specifications.
    • backsplash install locations + material specifications.
    • Power locations (plan + elevation)
    • Lighting Plan + fixture specifications.
    • Paint Plan with selections for for walls, ceiling, trim and room doors.
    • Flooring Materials Plan (basic)+ material specifications.
  • Updated 3D model (not photo realistic)
  • A digital Style Board showing materials and fixtures together.
  • Budget Estimate based on specifications (accuracy -10% to +25%)
  • Review of final information.


Design Package Add-Ons

These luxury design elements add finesse to a space and we will be happy to add them to your project at your request.

  • Additional revisions.
  • Custom tile or finish patterns.
  • Custom architectural details (ex. tray ceiling, false beams)
  • Custom furniture designs (ex. built-in seating)
  • Loose furniture + decor selections (stools, chairs, tables, window coverings).



For those clients who are looking to pass the entire project off to a set of trusted hands who will ensure that every little detail is taken care of, we offer a full service process where we will oversee the construction, furnish and finesse the space so that on the day of the reveal, you have nothing to worry about except enjoying yourself. In such instances the next steps after the designs are finalized are outlined below.

Step 4 – Trade Day

We will meet with our trusted trades on the project site, to review our designs, discuss their upcoming availability and any foreseeable issues, in order for them to prepare preferred pricing for us.

Step 5 – Pricing Presentation

We will present a comprehensive design + pricing package that accounts for all of the goods and work required to complete your project as specified for your review and approval.  We will also help you understand how the next steps of the project will unfold.


Here are some kitchen ideas that we have been collecting, and are excited to reference in our upcoming projects!