The Charming Night

The Charming Night

In July 0f 2009 received a book as a birthday gift from one of my best friends.  The book was entitled “Contemporary Restaurants and Bars” by Martin M. Pegler (ISBN 1-58471-046-2) and featured restaurant interior design from across the globe.  The inscription on the front cover read:

“If there were a book of Club Designs from around the world, I woulda gotten you that, but this is the next best thing!”

And then something rather ironic happened – or was it fate?

I was contacted by a publisher from Hong Kong about a project I had posted on the web site which is a platform for designers of many disciplines to showcase their work.  He was interested in our project Bijou and asked me if he could include it in a publication he was working on.  In May 2013, we were honoured to have our work appear in the The Charming Night, which is large coffee-table compendium featuring the interior design of fifty-two high-end clubs, bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues from around the world!  Our work on the Bijou Lounge was featured in a glossy four-page spread.

The Charming Night Cover 800x600

From the publisher’s website:

When the evenfall descends and the colorful light flecks, it is just the beginning for people who advocate the fashionable nightlife. Nightclub, as a place for relaxation and emotions let-off, its design has to be special and unique to attract customers. The various nightclub designs in this book will bring us a marvelous visual design feast, and what the book displays is the designer’s perfect control over the detail design and decoration.

The Charming Night - Bijou Lounge 158 800x600 The Charming Night - Bijou Lounge 159 800x600The Charming Night - Bijou Lounge 160 800x600 The Charming Night - Bijou Lounge 161 800x600

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Check out The Charming Night (ISBN 978-988-16688-7-5 ) on Artpower‘s website, Amazon, and Chapters.


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