DesignRx – Interior Design

Are you looking for an interior design that reflects your adventurous personality and trendsetting tastes?

Do you want every day living in your home to feel like a celebration of your success?

If you crave a magazine worthy interior renovation designed specifically for your unique personality, preferences, lifestyle, and budget, our DesignRx service will meet your need. 

Through our DesignRx Interior Renovation Design process we will develop a personalized inteiror design style that is unique to you, based on your own personality and preferences, which we will use to inform your interior renovation design plans, complete with furniture and decor, so you can have a functional and stylish home that you love to live in.  You can use our design package to move forward with the project on your own, or you can hire our team for full-service Design Deliverance.
Each design package includes a 3D model, detailed architectural drawings and schematics, selections for all finish materials and fixtures, integration of required equipment. We work with goods and materials at a range of price points, and varying levels of customization, as we aim to align the designs with your budget.
Remote design services for project outside of our geographic area is now easy breezy, thanks to the power of technology.  Simply scan your space with a LIDAR camera, uploaded it to the cloud for processing, and we will receive a 3D model of your space to start planning from.
These packages are based on room type, size and and other requirements which we would love to discuss with you.

You can follow the link to learn more about our services for specific room types and we also invite you to book a call with us to discuss your project. 

Have questions? Ready to discuss your project with us?

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