Selected Works….

Thru (Atelier) | Restaurant Hospitality Foodservice Design | Ottawa ON | 2015

We based our design concept for this exclusive restaurant inside a restaurant off the name of the establishment,which is Thru.  We conjured up a magical space using c combination of reflective and transparent surfaces, in reference to Through the Looking Glass, which was the book Alice in Wonderland is based off. 

Atelier Restaurant | Restaurant Hospitality Design Project | Ottawa ON | 2015

We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Chef Marc Lepine on the expansion of his renowned restaurant where his team creates incredibly unique and artful gastronomic delights.  Our goal with the design was to keep it simple enough that the design did not overpower the food, but interesting enough that patrons would enjoy the space.  We opted for a black and white theme, with a line cutting through the space diagonally, separating the dark side from the light side, while working with contemporary textures and form to add interest.