Rina and Frank’s Elopement at Sushi 88

Rina and Frank’s Elopement at Sushi 88

Prime wedding venues are often hall-like affairs that seat hundreds of people, often with a large dance floor, a few side-rooms and nooks for quiet chats and small group photos, and manicured gardens.  A lot of our recent design work has focused on nigh on the opposite: nightclubs, small or casual dining establishments, and luxury homes.  So imagine our delight when we discovered that back in 2012 one of the spaces we designed hosted a wedding!  Well, an elopement anyway.  The elopement was structured to echo the couple’s first date: coffee, then a walk, then dinner, then a drink, then a movie.  Their first date dinner was at Sushi 88 — and hence so was dinner on their big day.


All photos © Anne-Marie Bouchard, AMB Photo.  Used with permission.






I think that the photographer, Anne-Marie Bouchard of AMB Photo did an absolutely phenomenal job of capturing Rina and Frank’s special day.  We only posted a few of our favorite shots above; check out the full photo essay on her blog for more.


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